Thursday, December 3, 2009


Fuh..I thought this prob with my blog will never be solve. Well, I finally get through it and the only thing that I need to be concern with is the posts and how to make it more interesting. It is the most tiring day for me. Well, actually it wasn't that bad day but its just there were certain matter that still unmark in my list and i wish to finish it by the end of this year.
Hopefully I could get it done just as I have plan before.

Wish me LUCK!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Being me is not easy..
Being me is not great..
But I have to keep on going..
As I pray to be strong..
And believe in myself..
As I have to face challenges..
Everyday and every minutes..
In life..

I'm not perfect..
I know that fact..
For I lived in this world..
Far from my imagination..
As this is the reality..

Why people hurts?
Even confusing..
Why people hurt others?
Question comes and rises..
But no solutions nor answers..

Maybe some might say that..
I'm a cry baby..
Do they facing the matters..
Matters that I have to face it and find solutions?

Its tiring..
to hide your feeling..
Not to tell a soul..
It drain your energy..
And your heart and mind..
Left you with nothing and emptiness...

Despite all these..
I am thankful..
For I have the chances..
To live this life..
And learn..
something new..


Thank you..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello ya all!

Just trying new intro but I guess it doesn't suits me right..ahahaha. Well, for the past few days my feelings were up and down..kind of unstable. No..I'm not losing my marbles but I guess facing with some (well..many actually but whatever..) problems in life made my feelings unstable..I think.
At some point I feel happy..but sometimes sad and mostly angry. I got confuse all the time..what triggers all this? What made me happy? What made me sad? And most importantly what makes me angry?
I have answers for all these questions but how to overcome it made me confuse. It is not easy because to overcome it I have to understand and make sure that the results will benefits all and will not hurt other people feelings. Thus, I am confuse..
And all this made my feelings unstable even more. Question after question pops out my head and sometimes I believe that is the answer for all this but...I don't know. Maybe I don't have the courage to carry such burden or I am irresponsible in performing my task?
I just wish sometimes I dare to take risk in certain things I do..
And now I have the feeling that I am just talking nonsense...ehehehe..sorry
A little emotional I presume..
But thank you for reading it..who ever you are..

Monday, September 7, 2009


Hello to all!

I was suppose to post this last night but it seems that my eyes shut faster then my brain is working.. In this post i wish to bring all of you to my world of imagination..imagination indeed.

Most people will say forget the past and think about the future. In my opinion, easy said then done. Is it possible for one to forget..especially when it comes on a matter of families and friends?
There were some happy and also horrifying times in our past that we wish to forget or make ourselves motivated by it. Either way, it our choice. You wish to be scared all your life or be strong and brave and move on.

By the way..about the future. It came to my senses today that..most people nowadays wish to be rich faster and never think about their future. Correct me if I'm wrong..but if I ask my colleague how much did they keep their savings for a month and where...most answers I get was
"I only kept few ringgits, not enough money la to keep..many 'hutang' to pay"...ya whatever.

I guess few people thought for their future. But some may thought of it when they have commitment..married..having children..
Well, at least better late then never..right? My opinion..I like to prepare things early because it generate self discipline (honestly..I am not that discipline..ahahaha..I'm working on it bit by bit..)
I guess looking forward and thinking what lies in my future were the best planning I could do in making sure my future were in good shape.
Well, I guess my brain is not working hard because I couldn't think a thing for this post anymore..but I think, I'll discuss on it again.
Some other the future.

Friday, September 4, 2009



Today is a new beginning for me. Not only because this is my first post in my first blog but this is one of the bravest action that I do in my life.
Believe it or not, I was begin something which needed my decision..and mine only. It was scary..
However I tend to overcome it and VOILA!

Welcome to my blog!

In this blog, I will express and share my thoughts (well, although I'm not one of the genius people..ahahaha) on the word of the day to everyone and feel free to drop any comments as well as your thoughts in my blog.
Well I hope this will be enough for my introductory to the blog communitties and hope to be apart of the communitties..SOON.

Thank you & see ya!